Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slowly But Surely

HO-LY COW!! December has been incredibly busy for me. With all the Christmas shopping, holiday gatherings and extra hours at work, I've hardly had time to sleep let alone sew. At this rate I fear I might not finish all my projects for the end of the month.

I do have one thing to show you, my finished muslin for my Ceylon dress.

 I made it a size smaller and it fits great. I decided I would make only one all black dress during this adventure, and Ceylon is it. I'm going to be using a black viscose that I already have yards and yards of, and I am going to go out and find the buttons for it on Wednesday. I am going to have to spread out all the components of Ceylon over several days in order to fit it in and may plan of attack for today is to cut the pieces from my fabric and apply the interfacing. So any who's following along, that's what we got to do!


  1. Just wanted to say I'm following along and I like your posts that show your progress.

  2. Hi Andrea, so glad you're following along. I'll try to post more progress pictures for all my patterns! Thanks!

  3. Your muslin fabric looks so lovely and well-suited to this pattern, I think it's almost a pity you're making your final version in black!

  4. I love all of your projects! Your muslins look really nice too. I was wondering if you finish them (when the fit is right) and use them as well as the finished products. You should!

    I would have loved to join you on your journey as I have made several of the Collette patterns over the last year, but a few are just too advanced for me right now. Good luck! I can’t wait to see everything you are going to make. :)

  5. I'm glad you guys like the muslin fabric so much! I haven't finished any of them to be wearable mainly because, and you can't tell this from the pictures, but the feel of the fabric is awful - very stiff and prickly. I have a huge roll of it though so it does work great for making pretty muslins!

    Thanks so much for checking out my projects, I hope the ones you guys make turn out great!